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Best Health/Medical Insurance Plans And Policies Crafted For Your Loved Ones Ensuring Financial Security

A coverage that factors in healthcare expenses for you and
your family during a medical emergency.

What Is  Health Insurance?

Health insurance is an insurance policy that covers hospitalization expenses, the cost of medicines and surgery, care provider expenses, and doctor consultation fees of an insured individual - during the arrival of the illness or injury and throughout the treatment period.

Health insurance plays a prominent role in safeguarding against health uncertainties, as it offers financial aid and legal assurance. Health insurance is generally identified as an insurance product that aids with cover for the medical, surgical, or health-related experience of an insured person. It provides financial stability while facing health issues. It benefits the most in cases of medical emergencies. Health insurance provides various health benefits, from maintaining health to helping with treatments financially in case of accidents or illnesses.

Benefits Of Buying Health Insurance Cover

As one of the crucial needs of the hour, health insurance covers benefits in numerous ways. It is convenient and provides a range of advantages, as listed below:

Gone are the days when buying insurance policies through agents was necessary. With convenient portals like Swyom Capital, purchasing a preferable online health insurance policy is easy after comparative analysis, weighing the merits and cons, and the list of services covered. An online buying facility reduces the hassle of manual analysis and provides a list of the most beneficial policies.

Ensure Medical Security In Terms Of Finance By Buying Health Insurance Now

Type of health insurance cover:

Individual Cover

Health insurance-individual cover is issued in the name of a person. Under individual cover of the health insurance policy, the total sum insured is dedicated to the policyholder entirely. For instance, in case of a medical emergency, the insurer will cover the expenses up to the sum insured.

Why Do You Need  Health Insurance?

With the rise in medical inflation, health facilities that help in emergency and uncertainties is a concern for almost everyone. More than a norm than the exception, a Health Insurance policy is essential to guard against such uncertainties. Opting for the right health insurance plan allow you - as an insured individual – to exercise some degree of freedom and control. It helps you gain security concerning your and your family’s healthcare expenses in the future. Owing to the complexity of the health insurance sector, it is necessary to rest assured by your side about the securities and keep up with policies that ensure coverage against medical expenses. Such health and medical insurance policies cover medical expenses, including pre-and post-hospitalization, ambulance charges, etc.

We are there when you and your dependent need us the most.

Swyom Capital’s health insurance plans are crafted with extreme care for you and your dependent's financial wellbeing.

Why Swyom - We Give Apt Advises

To Clientele On Health Insurance

Swyom Capital is one of India’s leading insurance companies. We offer one of the best health insurance plans in India. We aim to deliver a whole suite of outstanding value-added insurance products. The objective of our insurance products is to provide you and your dependents a secured future. At Swyom Capital, we strive to serve exceptional services to our esteemed clients.

Our financial and insurance services comply with the IRDAI.

As one of the credible and reliable insurance providers, we have a long-standing relationship with our customers.

We believe in simplifying policy terms, conditions, and complex insurance terms, structures, and plans for our customers.

We prioritize our client’s interests and cater with unbiased advice.

We provide quick, stress-free processes and claims.

With Swyom, you can rest assured that your insurance covers your need during toughest of times.


Health insurance coverage should be around 50% of your annual income. The insurance cover should also ensure coverage against coronary artery bypass graft in any hospital of your choice. However, most personal financial advisors and experts recommend a minimum health cover of 5 lakhs Rupees.

A health insurance policy protects against medical emergencies and mitigates high medical costs. The cover includes daycare procedures, ambulance charges, hospitalization, and other medical expenses incurred during treatment. It is an ideal solution to deal with the rising medical inflation as it also includes tax relief under section 80D of the income tax act 1961.

Health is a concern for everyone and can be bought at any stage of life. However, it is advisable to buy the insurance at a young age as it aids with a lower premium amount and gives a scope of changing the plan along with an opportunity to complete it early at any specific waiting period.
More than a norm, it is a necessity, and almost everyone must buy health insurance for nearly 50% of their total income. Buying health insurance guards against any medical emergencies, critical illnesses, hospitalizations, etc., without having to worry about money, debt, or savings. Health is a concern for everyone; it never strikes with a prior warning. Thus, to guard against increased medical expenses and ensure timely treatment and payment as security, it is crucial to buy health insurance coverage for individuals and families.

Any medical condition or illness that prevails before the insured had before purchasing the insurance policy is a pre-existing illness. According to IRDAI, if the policyholder or insured was diagnosed with any disease or medical condition that lasted 48 months before buying the health insurance coverage, it can be categorized as a pre-existing illness or disease.

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